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5 Top Podcasts: Health & Wellness

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October 18, 2017
Celebration Season is approaching – celebrate in style with Champagne – Deutz
October 24, 2017
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5 Top Podcasts: Health & Wellness

One Minute Mindfulness

Strengthen your own mindfulness practise with this down-to-earth show full of tips & tools to help you slow down. Ranging from traditional mindfulness practices, to modern developments in the field of contemplative science, this podcast introduces you to the positive impact mindful living can have on your wellbeing. A good place to start: “The Ritual of Silence and why it matters”.

TEDTalks Health

As they say “ideas worth spreading”. TEDTalks Health brings together the most engaging and expert speakers from the health industry. Covering a large range of health subjects such as why some people find exercising harder than others, to the consequences of mixing medication. Thought-provoking and informative this podcast is for all those who want to keep up with new discoveries in the health industry.

Dishing Up Nutrition

Dishing Up Nutrition gives solid nutritional advice covering many dietary topics. The hosts are experts in the field who keep abreast of the latest research in nutrition. Discover how your food choices can increase energy, stabilise your mood, eliminate cravings, help you manage health conditions and so much more.

Sleep With Me

Bedtime stories for grown-ups. Interesting & distracting, but not too engaging – perfect to help switch your mind off and allow you to drift into sleep. The stories cover a wide range of topics such as travel, relationships and holidays. Each story is designed to stop your mind from engaging in too much thought and progressively get more tedious, helping you fall asleep.

Food For Fitness

If you want science-based advice this podcast is for you. Subjects range from the best nutrition for training success to the truth about cholesterol. A good dose of expert knowledge from sports scientist and doctors makes sure you get all the advice to support your fitness & health goals.


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