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EXHALE magazine was created by AVAAL group in 2016 with the aim to create a magazine that offers value to it's readers.

At AVAAL it's all about creating value at all levels and we aim to inspire others to do so too. AVAALERS are from all walks of life – teachers, health care professionals, business people, parents, students etc. What unities AVAALERS is that we feel compelled to act if we see an opportunity where we can make a difference to achieve a great result for someone or an organisation and ourselves.

We have a positive energy, and we’re a catalyst to make things happen. Our influencers contribute to every issue of the magazine and support the brand through their own social channels. Some of our EXHALE magazine influencers: Gus Worland, Katrina Warren & Kris Abbey.

The magazine's content is focused around improving the lives of our readers through quality content. The ultimate goal of all we do is to inspire you to live better everyday.

EXHALE Magazine

The EXHALE magazine is a beautiful quarterly and annual digital & print publication. The content of EXHALE aims to educate and entertain our reader for their own benefit, or to share with others. The ultimate goal of EXHALE is to improve the lives of our reader through quality and diverse content.

Content in every issue:

  • People – Famous and not so famous
  • Places – Local and Abroad
  • Food & Drink – To Tantalize your Tastebuds
  • Money – So Money Segment
  • Health – How Can it Be? As well as the latest in health
  • Lifestyle – ‘So Who’s the Best’ segment
  • General – Exploring trends, quirky facts & Interviews
  • Fashion – Showcasing up-and-coming designers
  • Competitions – Prize Pool