Engage and Influence an Audience

Combine the power of print and the versatility of the internet to increase your brand awareness, to a highly targeted audience.

One size does not fit all, so we are happy to work with you to create a marketing campaign that fits both your budget and goals. We are all about collaborating and creativity. Cross-platform campaigns are our speciality, as well as promotions, disruptive marketing, influencer engagement and social media.

Our audience is highly targeted, engaged individuals with an interest in improving their lifestyles. Because we can spread your word far and wide we can increase your reach to your target market. The magazine is distributed at A/B newsagents as well as in Qantas & Virgin lounges all over Australia. Our online magazine is emailed directly to some of Australia's largest consumer databases and is also available globally through Issuu. We're also active on social media and engage strongly with our audience through EDM.

Let us help you get your brand out there!

Contact us here or download our media kit for 2017 rates and deadlines.