What’s an AVAALER?

AVAALERs have a need to Add Value At All levels. AVAALERS use their resources (knowledge, experience, networks, time and effort) to make a positive impact on others and help them achieve a great result – beyond what they could achieve on their own. We feel compelled to act if we believe we can make a difference. Does that sound like you? Do you look to add value?

Well, AVAALERS are from all walks of life – teachers, health care professionals, business people, parents, students etc.

What unities AVAALERS is that we feel compelled to act if we see an opportunity where we can make a difference to achieve a great result for someone or an organisation and ourselves.

We have a positive energy, and we’re a catalyst to make things happen.

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May 25, 2017

Adam Schwartz

Today, Adam is a confident, happy, articulate young man who is just great fun to be around. He’s passionate about helping others conquer this harrowing illness, but this wasn't always the case.
May 25, 2017

Rob Caslick

Rob is co-founder of Two Good Co. A company whose vision is for no person in a refuge to feel unworthy of love. Their mission is to be the national provider of beautiful food and lifestyle products to domestic violence refuges and soup kitchens.