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Kids get out of Debt

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October 5, 2017
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October 11, 2017
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Kids get out of Debt

Parents are your mornings stressful? Are you tearing your hair out getting everyone organised?

Why not try this simple idea:

Picture this, it’s 7:30am Tuesday, you’re mentally preparing for an important day, whilst mobilising the kids into action.  

All morning your kids have made absolutely no progress in getting ready for school. Alex is on his phone, absorbed in his ‘very important’ game. Megan is struggling to find her school uniform and Luke is refusing to eat breakfast, claiming there is ‘nothing to eat’, while staring at a cupboard full of cereal options! You’re drinking a hastily made smoothie, while attempting to organise  kids lunches.

Before you know it, there’s only 10 minutes left to get out the door and the kids aren’t anywhere near ready for school. You try yelling commands, screaming for Alex to clean his teeth, Megan to get dressed and for Luke to eat his toast. You’re stressed, the kids are probably going to be late for school and you’re definitely going to be late for work. How do you avoid this chaos that seems to happen every day?  How can you make your mornings less stressful?   

The answer is: DEBT.

You put a poster on the refrigerator, but cover it, ready for a big reveal. You gather the kids and ask a tricky question: “Do you know what debt means? “

Alex, says “debt is when you owe someone money”. Bingo- but it can also be an obligation to do something for another person. More than that, if you have a debt, you’re not free until that debt is cleared. With that said, you reveal the poster and implement your plan:


D – Get Dressed

E – Eat Breakfast

B – Bed Made

T – Teeth Cleaned

The plan is simple, your kids have to complete these four tasks before they are officially, out of debt. Once out of debt, they are free to play and relax until it’s time to go.

DEBT can help change the family dynamic and start the day stress free. The kids are clear on what needs to be done and you can hopefully start the day in a more positive way.

I now look forward each morning to hearing the kids announce, “I’m out of debt and I’m free!”

This simple idea has literally changed our mornings, our family dynamic and our start to the day. Hope it adds some value to your family as well.


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