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Rob Caslick

A Few Good Men
May 25, 2017
Adam Schwartz
May 25, 2017

Rob is co-founder of Two Good Co. A company whose vision is for no person in a refuge to feel unworthy of love. Their mission is to be the national provider of beautiful food and lifestyle products to domestic violence refuges and soup kitchens.

"I met Lisa McAdams through LinkedIn. I had been running a social enterprise food business that delivers meals created by chefs like Neil Perry and Kylie Kwong to women’s refuges. I reached out to Lisa, who now consults to corporates on domestic violence policy, and asked ‘Am I making a difference?’

After our meeting, Lisa wrote me a letter. She had escaped an abusive partner with her young children and fled to a domestic violence refuge. She had suffered years of physical and emotional abuse. When she arrived at the refuge, she received a toiletry pack. For her, it wasn’t the fact that she'd forgotten to leave home with toiletries, it was the fact that the toiletries were tied in a perfect purple bow. The thought of someone neatening a purple bow for her demonstrated she had worth. This realisation was a pivotal moment in her healing.

We launched our Two Good Care campaign in Lisa’s honour in an attempt to recreate purple bow moments in women’s refuges across the country. For every care pack that is purchased, we are able to donate another care pack to a woman like Lisa in a refuge. The gesture is far more than just a toiletry pack. One of the most debilitating things about domestic violence is that it strips someone of their self-worth. The women who receive the packs, complete with purple bow, know that the pack has been specifically purchased by someone who knows another pack will go to them.

Our dream is to stock the products in hotels across the country. A hotel in Perth, for instance, could be purchasing our products knowing they are also purchasing products that goes to a local Perth women’s refuge." Not only is Rob an AVAALER, his company Two Good Co. enables you to help others too. Check out and see where you can make a difference too.

„For every care pack that is purchased we are able to donate another care pack to a woman in a refuge”

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